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Gala is a New York-based fashion blogger, influencer, and internet Celebrity of the fashion system, a designer, a popular DJ, a presenter and a Creative Director. Her effortless style has inspired many and her online brand has become popular amongst the fashion enthusiasts around the world.




























We had a chat with Gala, to find out what she’s most excited for on the Cash & Rocket US Tour.

Hi Gala! We’re glad to see you’ll be returning to the Cash & Rocket Tour this year! 
I’m very happy to be part once again too!
How will you be helping to drive the change this year?
I’m gonna be present right at the start of the journey during the SF leg. I’m excited to meet the new ladies and the old ones that we have raced with in the past. I hope to spread the word through my media channels and raise awareness of such fun beautiful journey Julie has created!
Who do you think this Rally inspires?
All women out there willing to make a change.
If you could only pack three things to take with you on the Tour, what would you pack? 
Comfy shoes, a good pair of jeans and the sexiest dress (there’s plenty of parties along the journey!)
What songs will you play when driving through the US? 
Most likely oldies from the 60s and 70s.
Will you be updating everyone on social media about what you get up to while you’re in the US? 
Absolutely! That’s the most fun part of the journey!

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