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Chicago native Juliet Angus is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her business at JulietAngus.com has caused a wave internationally. Juliet is recognised as one of the top 200 bloggers in the world. This will be Juliet’s first drive with Cash & Rocket, and we’re excited to have her on board!

What inspired you to sign up for the Cash & Rocket US Tour 2018?

Over the last couple years I have had many girlfriends participate in Cash & Rocket, all women who I admire for their fierceness, force in life and commitment to philanthropy. I’ve watched as Cash & Rocket consistently, year after year, blends charity, female empowerment and friendship during it’s four day rally, with its impact to the organizations it benefits and the memories made, lasting a lifetime. I couldn’t be more proud to join this year’s Cash & Rocket, as a mother of two children, I am blessed every day for our bountiful life and continue to donate my time and efforts whenever I can to help those less fortunate and in need.  I look forward to driving the change in 2018 and for many years to come.

You will be driving alongside our CEO, Julie Brangstrup. What are you most excited to discuss during your 700 mile adventure??

I look forward to us sharing more of our past adventures and experiences that have shaped who we are and our journey now.  When Julie and I get together for dinner or a catch up we barely get through a recap of just our week, with busy schedules, running our own businesses, our children and home life!  It’ll be our time to bond and share more than we really have had the chance to share.

Currently there are many conversations surrounding various women’s issues. Why is it important that we are having these conversations and what changes would you like to see to advance the equality of all women?

Women are such incredible forces, the stigma that there is ‘a role’ for us to play is out the window now, finally – I hope!  We juggle so many hats with great passion and our entire hearts.  Our softness is not a weakness, it is our strength to connect with deep emotions that drive the change to last a lifetime.  As we nurture our own children, it is in us to nurture and care for helping others.  Alone we are powerful, but together we are forces that are unstoppable.

Cash & Rocket is supporting three amazing charities this year. How do you plan on using your platform to raise awareness for their missions?

I am grateful for the platform that I have, I share so much of my life – pretty much all of it, my family, friends, fashion and philanthropy. I do not take for granted the opportunity to share my experiences and beliefs with others. I very much look forward to documenting our journey and the charities we will be benefitting through our fundraising efforts along the way with the same openness and honesty as I do my daily life.

If you could only pack three things to take with you on the Tour, what would you pack?

My phone, sunglasses and a pair of jeans.

This year’s theme for the gala is “Pajama Party.” As a fashion blogger, what advice can you give to make sleepwear red carpet worthy?

Heels! At the end of the night, just take them off and you are ready for bed!

What songs will you play when driving through the US?

I am very big on good road trip music. Windows down and good tunes is essential.  Some songs on my playlist: Tupac ‘California Love’, Cardi B ‘I Like It’, Migos ‘Stirfry’, Mumford & Sons ‘There Will Be Time’ Buffalo Springfield ‘For What It’s Worth’, Kygo/JHar ‘Permanent’, ‘Kygo/Miguel ‘Remind Me to Forget’, ‘Beautiful Trama’ Pink, ‘Man’s Not Hot’ Big Shaq, lots of Christine and the Queens, The Killers, Beyonce, JayZ and maybe a bit of Greatest Showman soundtrack.


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