Raising money for women & children in Africa

About Us

Julie Brangstrup founded Cash & Rocket in 2011, with a vision to make a change in the world by creating a platform with the aim to be the source of inspiration, motivation and support to women from all walks of life. Uniting us all through female empowerment and solidarity.

At the heart of Cash & Rocket’s operation is the infamous Cash & Rocket annual Tour. The tour consists of thirty-five red cars and seventy of the most influential women from the worlds of fashion, film, music, art and business who have been hand-selected each year to travel to some of Europe’s most magnificent cities and unite in their efforts to raise global brand awareness and funds, through brand partners and sponsorship, for three incredible charities.

Cash and Rocket was set up to bring inspiring women together for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. Through female solidarity, we aim to raise money for charities around the world to better the lives of many. Throughout history women have done things differently to get something done. We do it together.

Julie Brangstrup | Founder and CEO of Cash & Rocket