Raising money for women & children around the world


Our charity partners support thousands of women and children across the world each year through increased access to education and healthcare. Cash & Rocket remains heavily involved in each organisation’s development to maximise the impact of our financial contributions and to find synergies between our Charities.

Cash & Rocket unites fashion and luxury brands to address some of the world’s most prominent humanitarian issues and to make a difference. The empowering, all female tour provides life-changing support to women and children around the world.


“When people get inspired they get innovative. When people get passionate they become productive.”

Julie Brangstrup | Founder and CEO of Cash & Rocket

Since the inaugural tour in 2012, Cash & Rocket raised $4m and we thank all our amazing ladies and partners.

Through the vital work of our charity partners, we are making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of women and children around the world.

We are incredibly proud that 100% of the money you donate will go directly to our chosen charities.



Shine on Sierra Leone creates programs that integrate sustainable healthcare, education, microfinance, and development as four parts of a greater whole to ultimately create the future of an inner-dependent Sierra Leone. Supporting nearly 500 students, Shine On’s curriculum transcends the confines of the academic content outlined in the country’s traditional education guide and provides the highest level of inner development producing graduates able to affect their powerful transformation within their communities.




Sumbandila aims to transform the lives of exceptional children from backgrounds of extreme poverty. Through its educational scholarship and mentorship programme, Sumbandila aims to create entrepreneurs and leaders who will one day make significant contributions to their own communities and to Africa. Sumbandila is currently focused in the poorest province in Southern Africa.



The Art of Elysium believes in using art as a catalyst for social change. Their programs for hospitalised youth, special needs education centers, homeless shelters, elder care homes and hospice care facilities include Fine Art, Fashion Design, Music, Media/Theatre Arts and Art-Based Self Esteem Programs.  

They engage emerging artists in inspiring acts of service that forge opportunities for them to share their creativity in diverse and meaningful ways with individuals in need. The Art of Elysium support and acknowledge volunteer artists by providing platforms to showcase their art within the community.


  • "I joined Cash & Rocket this year because the passion that my friend Tiffany Persons has for Shine on Sierra Leone has been absorbed by me and anything I can "

    Patrice Ablack | Entrepreneur - Luongo & Ablack
  • "I have been looking for a charity to support for some time, so when I found Cash & Rocket I got so excited, because not only are we raising money for a good cause we are also having fun at the same time! - and that is just what I am all about..."

    Emilie Martinsen | Professional Equestrian
  • I'm looking forward to being part of Cash & Rocket this year and joining the sisterhood in helping a wonderful cause raise awareness for women and children in Africa. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

    Alya Mooro | Freelance music, style, culture and features writer
  • “I am exited and proud to take part of C&R for a second time. As a young woman, facing the challenges of a tough business world, I realize the importance of good education and equal opportunities. I believe the causes supported by C&R can be life changing, as it will give the chance to many children to have normal life and opportunity for education and better future”

    Ina Dimitrova | Entrepeneur
  • “I am delighted to be taking part in this year’s tour. Coming from Brazil, I grew up acutely aware of poverty, child exploitation and poor education in underprivileged communities. It is an honour to team up with such an inspiring group of women to raise awareness of the invaluable work of C&R and its charity partners for women and children in Africa”

    Patricia Mondinni | Property Developer
  • “I’m delighted and humbled to take part in what will be my second Cash & Rocket tour. Here’s to raising funds and awareness for charities close to all of our hearts”

    Eva Alexandridis | Founder of 111SKIN
  • “I have felt grateful and absolutely committed since I have met the inspiring community of Sierra Leone 7 years ago and discovered the relentless commitment of Shine on Sierra Leone in developing opportunities for the local communities to improve their educational and health system as well as develop micro economic opportunities. It feels only natural and coherent today to complement my life with an ongoing and fulfilling commitment to Shine On and the organization's empowering impact on the local communities”

    Melanie Courbet | Founder & CEO of Atelier Courbet
  • “I am thrilled to be a part of a team of amazing women uniting our energies towards 3 amazing causes. It is sisterhood, human hood and a great learning experience as I have always donated all my life, but never fundraised. It is time to step into the forefront, take responsibility and cause a bigger change. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a bigger part of humanity!”

    Mary Ta | Founder & CEO of Minotti Los Angeles and Mass Beverly
  • “Solidarity between women is a wonderful thing, so powerful that it’s almost surprising... and this is why I didn’t hesitate at all in endorsing and supporting the new edition of Cash and Rocket. It’s essential, urgent even, to try and give a voice to African women to help them claim the right to equality, too often denied among the populations of developing countries.I am a woman who believes in the power of women, in our strength and in our immense potential, but there are less fortunate women who face a daily struggle to survive and assert their rights. My way of lending a hand, today, is to undertake this fantastic adventure.... may the best women win!”

    Alessia Marcuzzi | Television Presenter
  • “I am excited to partecipate the tour and help to raise money to support girls’ education in countries where our help can really make the difference. I firmly believe that through education women can become free”

    Silvia Grilli | Editor-in-Chief of Grazia Italy