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Paris City Guide

Paris has built itself a reputation for being the most romantic city in the world however there’s more to the city than just romance. For our fourth instalment of city guides we explore what Paris has to offer.


  • If you’re a driver then you’d be shocked to know that there is actually only one Stop sign in the entire city.
  • There are more dogs (approximately) in Paris than there are children.
  • The statue of Liberty faces the state of liberty in America. This is a symbolisation of the friendship between America and France.

Things to do

Get lost in The Lourve the world’s largest museum. 35,000 works of art and artefacts are on show split into eight departments and housed in three wings. It’s glass pyramid has become a feature of it’s own attracting many tourists to visit just to take a picture.

For a more unique experience why not head under the arcades of Palais-Royal where you’ll find Salon du Palais Royal Shiseido and former Paris Vogue photographer Serge Lutens. Here you’ll be able to create your very own perfume, your own personalised memento from your time in Paris.

If you are in the mood to get a little romantic then Le Sergent Recruteur is the perfect restaurant setting. It’s modern aesthetic and stand out food make for a romantic and sophisticated evening.

Landmarks to visit

The Eiffel Tower is by far the most iconic and most visited landmark in Paris. Though it was originally built as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 World Fair, its popularity meant that it was to become a permanent fixture.

Located in the centre of the Étoile (‘star’) roundabout, the Arc de Triomphe can quite possibly be considered as the second most symbolic feature of Paris. Built in 1836 the monument stands as a physical representation of Napoléon’s 1805 victory art Austerlitz.

The Sacré Cœur is a Roman Catholic Church that has become a popular landmark located in the highest point in the city. Along with the Eiffel Tower that, stands at 324 meters tall it has become synonymous with the Paris skyline.