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Protect Yourself

In our daily life, it gets more and more difficult to protect your skin from outside effects such as UV rays, pollution, technology such as blue light from laptops and harsh ingredients.

The fact that the modern world is becoming so absorbed with pollution and technology is growing at a fast pace, created an urgent need for beauty & care brands to develop a new range of products made of the right nutrients to prevent and protect your skin against environmental stressors.

“First natural line of defense against technology and the pollutants of the modern world”


Some beauty care and health professionals wanted to share their opinion on this issue:

Cosmetic Chemist Jim Hammer explained “Especially now, there are lots of impacts from pollutants in the environment and ozone to UV rays, and all of these can have a negative impact on the [skin’s] lipid barrier,


“skin barrier function is really key to maintaining healthy, hydrated skin.”

Also, founder of CAP Beauty, Cindy DiPrima Morisse assured us that, “Instead of stripping away layers of the skin, products are really helping build up its own defenses.

Brands such as Marie Veronique, Biossance, Allies of Skin, and Mother Dirt (microbiome-protecting) are the pioneers in the launch of new products made using Lipids, Ceramics, adaptogens, and even live bacteria to avoid skin damage and by this guarantee a healthy glow and optimal skin function.