Raising money for women & children around the world

The 2018 Tour

Since the inaugural tour in 2012, Cash & Rocket raised over $4 million for organisations that support women and children. By working together, we are making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of women and children worldwide, providing truly life-changing support through healthcare and education.

Each year, 40 teams work together to raise funds for our chosen charities. Our teams and brand partners take to social media to encourage support and donations from friends and followers. They record their progress via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As well as featuring the Tour on their own blogs and websites, in a combined effort to raise awareness for real global issues. We are incredibly proud that 100% of the money raised goes directly to our chosen charities.

We welcome prominent figures from the worlds of fashion, film, music, art and business to this stunning event. This year, Cash & Rocket will make its U.S Tour debut, beginning in San Francisco, traveling through Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and finishing in Las Vegas. The Tour will stop in each city to engage local communities with events and meet-and-greets. Our lunch in Malibu will inspire attendees with an address on women’s empowerment. Our Pajama Gala in Los Angeles will honor women change-makers and feature a special performance by Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams.




Car 1 Anna Jarvis & Janine Robertson

Car 2 Ashley Graham, Renee Harbers & Brigitte Harbers

Car 3 Maya Meijer-Bergsman & Stephanie Meijer

Car 4  Gwen Mccaw & Colleen Bell

Car 6  Lisa Heiden-Kloffer & Sloan Barnett

Car 7  Nathalie Dauriac & Sharlely Becker

Car 8 Marija karan, Ivana Maksimovic Hasecic

Car 9 Valerie Meijer-Albada Jelgersma & Marcia Dyann Kilgore

Car 10 Marisa Drew & Michele Beare Bowman

Car 11 Simrin Choudhrie & Leena Surri

Car 12 Mary Ta & Jennifer Schwab

Car 13 Julie Brangstrup, Selita Ebanks & Juliet Angus

Car 14 Nathalie Molina Nino & Arianna Afsar

Car 15 Sabine Roemer & Linsey Lunny

Car 16 Sarah Giovanna & Maria Kindness

Car 17 Monika Jac Jagaciak &  Karolina Gruszecka

Car 18 Tara Smith

Car 19 Arizona Muse

Car 24 Charlotte Groeneveld, Rachel Zeilic & Gala Gonzalez

Car 26 Alla Meijer & Maria Meijer

Car 27 Mary Barth (Feeley) & Daphne Jarvis

Car 28 Ira Dewitt & Andrea Schroder

Car 29 Alina Coughlan & Olia Sardarova

Car 30 Eleonora Pratelli & Federica Tosi

Car 35 Jessica Rose Lee & Ashley Greene

Car 37 Erica Wertheim Zohar & Suzi Kaltman

Car 38 Leila Yavari & Aleksandra Kirienko

Car 39 Laura Gold & Samantha Rowley

Car 40 Laura Brown & Kiane Von Mueffling



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