Raising money for women & children around the world

The Cash & Rocket Launch Lunch

What better way to celebrate the Cash & Rocket launch than on International Women’s Day!

Our Founder and CEO Julie Brangstrup along with Jodie Kidd and their friends gathered to celebrate the Cash & Rocket US TOUR 2018 at private members club, 12 Hayhill in Mayfair. The decor was sophisticated and elegant with mellow lighting and floral arrangements. The centerpieces were placed in the middle of a long table, seated with women from all different nationalities, backgrounds, and ages. Some of them mothers, some entrepreneurs but they all had one thing in common and that was their passion to make a difference and help other women and children who are less fortunate. Click here to donate.

Once the ladies were seated, Julie took the time to make an empowering speech about what Cash & Rocket embodies and the power the women in the room have to help other women and the satisfaction they gain from making a difference. She said, “one of the nicest things about Cash & Rocket and our charity partners is that you all have the opportunity to come and visit the women and children you help and build personal relationships”.

The women sported the new Cash & Rocket T-Shirt. Click here to buy.

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