Our Board & Ambassadors

Our Board

As we have grown as an organization, we have decided to create a team of remarkable women at an executive level to help us achieve our vision on a larger scale. All of us are from different backgrounds and vocations, and each woman brings a distinct view and talent to our pursuit of female empowerment through education and collaboration among women. The women who make up the Board of Cash & Rocket have been chosen to help us grow and adapt in our mission to create a network of powerful, motivated and philanthropic women with a common goal of raising money and making changes, with the belief that education provides empowerment.

Julie Brangstrup Watts


Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Cash & Rocket

Julie Brangstrup founded Cash & Rocket in 2011 with a vision to change the world through the creation of a platform that inspires, motivates and supports women from all walks of life.

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Alison Urquhart



Alison began her career in New York at the firm Cahill Gordon & Reindel where she specialized in Complex Securities Litigation, White Collar Crime and International Arbitration. Alison is on the board of C&R and been a great supporter…

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Mia Lei


Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Miasuki

Young Asian female entrepreneur, Mia S. Lei, is the founder of MIASUKI. A luxury equestrian-inspired lifestyle brand launched in 2015 crafting exquisite clothing for modern women. MIASUKI is sold exclusively at Harrods…

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Nathalie Morrison


Founder of Hayhill Wealth Management and Multi Company Investors 

Nathalie Morrison is the Founder of Hay Hill Wealth Management, an independent boutique wealth based in the heart of Mayfair.

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Laura Z Wasserman


Laura Z. Wasserman is a philanthropist who is passionate about education, child welfare and animals.

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Emma Vernetti



Emma Vernetti is an artist based in London, about to launch an international exhibition to show some of her best work.

Our Ambassadors

We are honored to have a group of talented, influential and philantropic women to support Cash & Rocket as our ambassadors. These women have given their time and tremendous effort and have used their powerful media influence to share the mission of Cash & Rocket and our charities worldwide.

Amy Jackson



Amy Jackson is best known for her work in Indian films where she is a Bollywood Superstar for her roles in high-grossing films across varying languages and genre.

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Perri Shakes-Drayton


British Olympian

Perri is a British Gold Medal Olympian who represented the UK in Track and Field.

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Zara Martin


Model & DJ

One of the coolest DJ’s of her generation, Zara collaborates with many of the luxury fashion houses including Tom Ford, Chanel, Versace, Bulgari and Fendi to name a few.

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Jodie Kidd


Model & TV Presenter

Jodie Kidd is best known for being a television presenter and one of the most successful models of her generation.

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Mathilda Kaarlson


Profesional Equestrian

Mathilda Karlsson has set a historic milestone, as being the first olympic equestrian in Sri Lanka in history.

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