Julie Brangstrup Watts

Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Cash & Rocket

Julie Brangstrup founded Cash & Rocket in 2011 with a vision to change the world through the creation of a platform that inspires, motivates and supports women from all walks of life. Uniting us all through female empowerment and solidarity.

Cash & Rocket is an innovative, creative, female community platform for the purpose of bringing international brands together with charitable projects to make a real difference to global issues. Julie, strongly believe that it should be a priority to enable all women and children around the world to get their basic right to an education.

Each year, forty red cars and eighty influential international women from the worlds of fashion, film, music, art and business are handpicked to join the Cash & Rocket Tour.

Since the inaugural tour in 2012, Cash & Rocket has raised over $5.2 m for charity.

By working together, we are making a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of women and children worldwide, providing life-changing support through education.

Julie received a BA in Business Administration and Psychology.