Mathilda Kaarlson

Born in Sri Lanka in 1984, Mathilda Karlsson was adopted at the age of only three months and grew up in Kristianstad in southern Sweden.

She started her riding career at the local club Kristianstads Ryttarsällskap and discovered her love and passion for horses and show jumping.

“I was lucky enough to grow up in a very loving family that gave me all the support a child could ask for. My family enabled me to go my own way and develop into who I am today”says Mathilda.

In 2018 Mathilda decided to go back to her roots in Sri Lanka and has since started for her native country, Sri Lanka. Mathilda made this decision after her first visit there in 2017, when she fell in love with the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the local people. As an international showjumper Mathilda competes against the world’s best on the stages of the Longines Global Champions Tour. In doing so, she not only made the leap into top international sport, but also is traveling with her horses from one hotspot to another, such as Miami, St. Tropez, New York and London.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work, Mathilda has now achieved her goal in the beginning of 2020. Together with her outstanding horse Chopin VA she has qualified for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. With this major success the 35-year-old show jumper Mathilda Karlsson has set a historic milestone, as being the first olympic sri lankan equestrian in history.

Besides being an olympic athlete, the exotic beauty has been in advertising spots and on several covers, such as Penotti and Hi-Magazine.

With her strength and power, Mathilda Karlsson is a true role model for young women around the world and proves that anything is possible if you believe enough. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, you are the queen of your own way,” Mathilda says. “Every young woman should take the chance to become the best version of herself. Everything is possible, you just have to work a little harder for it and never stop believing in yourself and your dreams. ”