Olivia Mariotti

CEO & Founder of Olivia Mariotti

Olivia Mariotti‘s expertise is in the fields of fashion, luxury, art, and style. With over 20 years of brand strategy experience in the fashion and luxury industries, she has composed, orchestrated and conducted all areas of communication for some of the world’s leading luxury/fashion brands.

In her 15 years at Fendi, Olivia Mariotti managed every aspect of corporate communication, strongly contributing to the brand repositioning, making it one of the industry’s hottest must-haves, ultimately leading to its sale to the LVMH Group. Known for her acute vision, perseverance, and razor-sharp grasp of the zeitgeist – and recognized as one of the most respected “brands” in the industry — Mariotti was later approached by the Bulgari Group, one of the top publicly-traded luxury firms.

As the Executive Director of Corporate Communication of Bulgari, she reassessed the internal and external communication structure, successfully strategizing and leading the repositioning of the brand in terms of image and global brand perception. The turning point of this success story was the evolution of the “brand personality” from prestigious jeweler to top luxury player, acquiring a lifestyle territory for Bulgari through international and memorable events and collaborations of the likes of Art Basel. Under her direction, the company also saw the successful launch of Bulgari Hotels and Resorts project, perfectly curating each aspect of branding, image and PR activities.

The keys to Olivia Mariotti’s success are her understanding of the complex workings of the international luxury market and her personal relationships with many of its key players.