who is the C&R community

Strong, Supportive, Empowered Women

We are Mothers. We are daughters. We are actors. We are influencers. We are musicians. We are executives. We are olympians. We are philanthropists.

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Our Community

The women who have joined our tour have become business partners, best friends, godmothers and mentors to each other in relationships that will last a lifetime.

Cash & Rocket Women support each other as as mothers, as friends, as entrepreneurs and as advocates for women’s rights through education.

Active Philanthropists

The Cash & Rocket community continues to give back to charity throughout the year. We host an annual trip to Limpopo South Africa to visit the children whose lives are changed by the scholarships we provide. C&R ladies are there from the moment the children receive the news of their scholarships in their homes and we continue to watch their progress as they go through the Sumbandila program to become successful graduates of University. We have the opportunity to meet the families of these exceptional children who we have formed meaningful bonds throughout the years.

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