Cash & Rocket Events

CASH & ROCKET hosts many events throughout the year which bring our ladies together on behalf of the charities and the brands that we support.

We find that these events are a wonderful opportunity for our ladies to start building forever lasting connections and relationships. During these events, like-minded women come together as a community to expand their networks, for a maximum impact on our charities and brand partners.

26th April 2024

CASH & ROCKET Lunch for Sumbandila hosted by board member Emma Vernetti.

9th February 2024

CASH & ROCKET and Jo Manoukian host Charity Dance Night at the Royal Academy of Dance in support of Helen Bamber Foundation and DDMIX.

November 2023

Charity Trip to Sumbandila, Limpopo, South Africa

9th of June 2022

Lunch Event at the AP Clubhouse Barcelona hosted by beloved sponsor Audemars Piguet.

9th-12th June 2022

CASH & ROCKET 2022  SUSTAINABLE TOUR – Let’s Drive the Change!

Fall 2022

Charity Trip to Sumbandila, Limpopo, South Africa

17th June 2021

Geneva White Party  hosted by our C.O.O. Alison Urquhart.

18th August 2021

CASH & ROCKET Summer Reunion hosted by our founder Julie Brangstrup.

2nd March 2020

International Women’s Day Lunch & Panel Talk on the future of sustainable fashion hosted by Credit Suisse featuring Marissa Drew, CEO of the impact advisory and finance department at Credit Suisse, Arizona Muse, Model and Environmental Activist, Veronica Chou, CEO of sustainable fashion brand Everybody and Everyone and Sarah-Jane Mee, Sky News Anchor.

30th January 2020

Charity Dinner & Talk hosted by Dame Emma Thompson, President of the Helen Bamber Foundation