How we choose our projects

Each year, we choose three international charities based on our mission to help empower and change the lives of women and children through education.

Cash & Rocket has developed a close relationship with both Sumbandila and the Helen Bamber Foundation which goes beyond raising money. We visit both charities at least once a year to see where the money is going and the impact our fundraising has had on their communities. We take an annual trip with our children to visit Sumbandila in South Africa. We also volunteer our time in meaningful ways with the Helen Bamber Foundation throughout the year in the U.K. We have committed to helping these charities for the next several years.

This year, we will also choose an additional international charity with the same ideals of fostering empowerment through education.

We want to create a better life for families who do not have the means or the tools to achieve their dreams alone. We help young girls and boys in the Limpopo Province of South Africa to achieve a full education, from primary school through to university, so that they may grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow’s South Africa. We have given financial support and built ‘forever homes’ for families in Ghana so that they can care for their children, and give them a safe, sustainable, supportive environment in which they can grow up and prosper.

In Sierra Leone we invested in and helped to built new schools, agricultural programs, adult literacy lessons. We have also provided microloans for women to be able to start their own businesses and achieve financial independance. By investing in these communities, we are investing in and transforming the landscape of opportunities and possibilities that we open to thousands of women and children. In the UK, with the Helen Bamber Foundation, we are supporting young women who have been through atrocities such as terror, modern slavery by helping them transform their lives through education, safe housing and future jobs.

Giving is not just about a donation, it’s about making a difference.