Team 09


Yana & Rahul Kakar


Victor Barsky


Suzy Karger


I'm rooting for you both! Have an amazing drive!

Suzanne & Kevin Cadden




Maria Leoni-Sceti


Just love the sustainability angle!! Have fun!

Sarah Strong


Leave it to you to push sustainability in such a glamorous way - Rock it Team 9!

James Diggines


Paul Marvin


Good luck and have fun. Paul

Miranda B


So proud to see my mentor infusing sustainability in everything she does - good luck, Marisa and Team 9!



Steve Drew


Marisa Drew

I am excited to be part of the evolution of the Cash&Rocket Tour which in 2022 will not only ‘Drive the Change’ sustainably in a social context, through our to mission support and empower women and girls, but also environmentally, with a carbon neutral tour footprint in fully electric or advanced hybrid vehicles.

Dana Barsky

Cash and Rocket is all about improving the lives of others while harnessing the power of friendship. Never doubt that a small group of committed women can change the world for the better – sustainably.