Team 12




Anne Stewart


Vroom Vroom to my two wonderful rockets Alison and Rosie! Looking forward to hearing all about it and I hope you raise lots of cash !!

Alison Urquhart

We strongly believe that education is a resource for life and one that can change the world, starting with each individual. I hope that you will join me in supporting these three wonderful organizations while we drive across Europe! Every penny of your donation goes directly to a trust, which is then distributed equally between the charities. Sumbandila, based in South Africa provides scholarships for a world class education to children from one of the poorest rural communities in Limpopo. The Helen Bamber Foundation aids victims of Human Trafficking to build new lives in the UK and the Spanish Red Cross has been supporting children in Barcelona with educational resources, meals and sports activities, including refugees arriving from the Ukraine in past months. In our last tour, we raised over 1 million pounds – our goal is to raise at least 10,000 between Rosie and I by June 12 – we are so grateful for whatever support you can give! Xx

Rosie Kidston

This year we will be raising cash by rocketing (in an environmentally friendly manner) across Europe supporting educational needs at the Sumbandila charity in Limpopo, South Africa and providing specialised care for survivors of trafficking and torture at the Helen Bamber Foundation in London.