Spanish Red Cross

The Spanish Red Cross (Cruz Roja Española) is an organization that promotes social welfare and support through their many projects, from humanitarian aid, social inclusion and environmental protection to focusing on accessibility to education and personal health, the Red Cross aims to protect and enrich the value of human life.

Our CEO, Julie Brangstrup, has taken the role of vice president at the Spanish Red Cross in the district of Castelldefels, located in the province of Barcelona. Together with our community, our goal is to enrich the lives of children from low income families in the area. Given the impact of the pandemic in Spain and lack of resources, children from low income families saw themselves most impacted. Without access to learning resources and technology, these children were left behind by the system, widening the equality gap and creating a desperate environment for so many.

Our job with the Red Cross is to provide these children with the key resources necessary to improve their welfare and ensure they can reach their true potential. Providing them with access to education and extracurricular activities to ensure they regain the lost ground and provide a brighter future: Caring for their physical and mental health, alongside their education, is the core aim of this partnership.