Team 15




Magdalena Jovanovic


Wishing you every success 😎

Ravi B


Wonderful initiative! Well done.

Nicholas Yates






Well done team! Thank you for raising money for an important cause.

David Blanc


Philipp Westermann


Have fun!

Sarah seikegba


A great contribution towards making a difference. Well done ladies!

Sarah Hogarth


Well done Ayesha & Gemma - such an excellent cause! x

Louis Elton


Good luck Ayesha!



Gemma Harley-Brill

Raising money for these wonderful charities and at the same time taking part in a challenge with women from all different backgrounds and professions will be a truly incredible experience. I believe that adventures are an amazing way to bring people together so to combine that with helping women and children all around the world to have a better way of life and raising other people’s awareness on these matters will be very special.

Ayesha Vardag

Women are increasingly tearing down the curtain and taking their place outside the home, in the world, with the power to make real change. Often we’re in a minority in the domains of money and influence, shouting to be heard in a din of male voices. When we get together, when we speak with one voice, we ring out loud and clear and we can make a real difference. We are women, driving together, driving change. Watch out – don’t stand in our way!